About US

Hey! I'm Jena, the maker behind Beyond Laser Creations.  I am 36 years old, I have 3 awesome kids and married to my best friend, Ryan for 14 years now.  I started Beyond Laser Creations on a whim during the shutdown of the world, now known as quarantine. I was online looking for an engraved cup for a dear friend of mine.  The cup that I wanted to order just was not going to be made in time for when I needed it.  I started doing research on laser machines and realized there is a world of creativity waiting for me to dive into.  At that time, I was sewing face masks for the Covid-19 pandemic and used my machine to cut several hundred masks very quickly.  I now use my laser to create many different items such as home decor, gifts, and business merchandise.  I have grown this business in short time and looking forward to the future where we can grow and create together!