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How did I go from working in the Insurance industry for over 13 years to running laser machines!?  Well here's my raw story....
In the fall of 2019, my husband and I had a business plan to purchase a historical home close to my hometown and renovate it for a specialized event AirBnB.
We were given permission to start demo work on the interior of the home while we finalized our loan and plan. We jumped in with all hands on deck. We spent every free moment there for weeks. We purchased bedding and beds, linens and the like. I made several business contacts with popular wedding venues to partner with so we could be the lodging to their event guests. This plan could not fail!
But guess what!? It crumbled! Fell right through my hands like a flour sift. The owner of the home and us had difficulties coming to an agreement of work that needed done to sell the property (to put that lightly). We were forced to back out of the purchase. It was devastating. It really shattered me physically and mentally. The owner tried to pursue us legally with no luck.
Which was even more disheartening. The owner was my own grandmother.
Christmas of 2019 came and went. New Year New Me! Who else said it? We picked up our pieces and went back to our full time jobs. I, in the insurance industry for over 13 years, and my husband in Electrical Line work.
Then 2020 hit! Like everyone, everywhere, the world shut down. I stayed at home with our 3 school age kids and tried to navigate a world of staying home, and idle hands. This was a rarity around my house! Ohio started seeing Covid cases rise and the talk of masks started. I thought I had better get on the ball and sew some face masks for our family. With scrap fabric and 2 sewing machines, we more than got on the ball. I taught my 12 year old daughter to sew. I would be hand cutting the fabric as fast as she could sew. After posting a few on my Facebook page and Tik Tok, orders were flooding in. We would line our porch up with tickets and bags, contactless pickups were from sun-up to sun down. I needed to find a way to cut these patterns out faster!
In May of 2020 I started researching laser cutters. I stumbled upon Glowforge Pro. I placed the order and was more than excited to see what this thing could do! After a few short days, I was cutting 100’s of masks and sewing for 12 hours a day. I was able to get caught up and stay ahead of orders. It was then that I explored more of the capabilities that lasers could do! It took off like wildfire! The orders and requests came pouring in once again.
By July 2020, I needed bigger, better, faster! Through research and conversations with “That Mom with A Laser”, Emily, I placed an order for my MIRA 9. I worked every day to learn more, teach myself new lessons, and start to build a business model that I knew this time COULD NOT FAIL! Why? Because this time I WAS IN CHARGE of my destiny!
I tackled my first holiday season with a Glowforge Pro, and 4 part-time helpers. It was insane. I had a goal, I had a vision, I could see the finish line. MIRA 9 was delivered 2 weeks before Christmas. I was overwhelmed, exhausted, but still had a spark left in me.
2021 is now almost a quarter of the way gone. I have grown my business to a level, I could only dream about 18 months ago. I left my full time job to only stay laser focused. I have a NOVA 14 on order and also have added sublimation and laser heat transfer printing to my shop. I currently work from my garage at my home, but have some growth opportunities in my near future. I am driven to succeed with a mind set of NO EXCUSES.
I have support, but ultimately this is mine, I am in control, I own my wins and my losses. I enjoy sharing my story because I went through hell in 2019 only to test me for the road that was beyond my imagination. I enjoy encouraging and teaching others. Fall of 2020 was the birth of Beyond Laser Creations, LLC.
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  • Your hard work and dedication is defi paying off!! So glad I’ve been able to say “I knew you when” and have had the opportunity to watch you grow!!

    Vickie Kent on

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